First hotel awarded with the Sebrae MG Award for Sustainable Practices as an Outstanding Company in 2011 (*).

Green Hotel

The hotel is one of the pioneering enterprises in the country to adopt the principles of sustainable tourism, which corresponds to a "green hotel".

Sustainable Management

Since 2007, the hotel implements management practices with actions and procedures focused on sustainability, defined by the Program of Certification in Sustainable Tourism-PCTS and Brazilian Standard ABNT NBR 14401:2006.

It was advised by consultants from the Institute of Hospitality and Sebrae MG. The program came to be called Bem Receber.

World Theme

The sustainability of the planet is a current theme of global concern. Contributing to this, the hotel has developed a sustainability policy based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, socio-cultural and economic.

Good practices adopted:

Sustainability Management

  • management system of sustainability and sustainability policy defined and promoted

Alternative Energies

  • solar panels for water heating
  • reforestation wood for the fireplace

Consumer Awareness

  • practices to encourage guests and employees about the responsible consumption of natural resources
  • toilet flush with low water consumption
  • electronic energy saving light bulbs in lamps, low wattage bulbs in chandeliers and sconces
  • occupancy sensors in circulation corridors
  • equipment (air conditioners, refrigerators, etc) with low power consumption (Procel A Seal)
  • dishwashers with automatic flow and dosing of water and detergents
  • guest room electricity activated by magnetic card, with automatic shutdown when leaving room

Biodegradable Products

  • cosmetics (toiletry amenities) and cleaning products with biodegradable composition
  • controls quality and origin of cleaning products, with factsheets

Waste Processing

  • processes that contribute to the reduction of waste generation, ensuring the proper disposal of recyclables and organics with daily weighing
  • selective separation into containers for paper, glass, metal, plastic and organic
  • donation of materials that become income for a Cooperative of Paper and Recyclables Collectors
  • organic waste donated for use as fertilizer in community residential backyards

Environmental Education

  • initiatives of environmental awareness to employees, guests and the local community
  • information on Sustainable Tourism in guest rooms, encouraging visitors on sustainable awareness and actions
  • guest incentive to to know the hotel´s Sustainability Policy

Training and Qualification

  • provides employees with continued participation in training initiatives and professional qualification
  • employees are trained to implement sustainable measures and have full knowledge of the Sustainability Policy

Local Production

  • prioritizes the acquisition of products manufactured locally for supply to various areas of the hotel

Regional Cuisine

  • offers typical local cuisine food produced in the region, as well as within the hotel kitchen to the menu breakfast, the afternoon tea and the restaurant, such as breads, cheese rolls, cakes, pies, cookies and delicacies

Local Craft

  • promotes local crafts, exhibiting and offering products for sale, and informing about local craft centers

Cultural Events

  • supports and sponsors social and cultural events and local entities such as the Band Festival, the Ouro Preto Journal, the Sorria Project (dental care for underprivileged children)
  • as an important socio-cultural aspect, adopts a historical theme after the colonial period, with the front desk staff wearing time costumes eighteenth-century style


  • supports associativeness as a way to strengthen common actions and sustainable local development, being associated with 5 local and regional business entities: Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Hotel Association, State Restaurant Association and Royal Route Association

Community Satisfaction

  • invests in the community with the hiring of 100% of local labor, emphasizing internal and external training of employees
  • conducts research within the local community, with the aim of evaluating the satisfaction with the hotel and the good practices adopted

Customer Satisfaction

  • conducts research among guests, in order to monitor satisfaction with services and good practices adopted
  • analyses guest comments and makes improvements based on the results found

Food Safety

  • adopts best practices in food safety and provides employees continued participation in programs and specific training such as Food Handling
  • enrolled in the Project Caminhos do Sabor, designed for restaurants, offered by the National Association of Restaurants, the Ministry of Tourism and Sebrae- the national agency for fostering small businesses

Rated by ROTA Association

Awarded 4 green leaves rating by ROTA- The Royal Road Association, representing over 80% of achievement of good practices in sustainability according to the manual of good practices developed with non-Government Organization Rain Forest Alliance of Costa Rica.

Sebrae Award

First hotel awarded with the Sebrae MG Award for Sustainable Practices as an Outstanding Company in 2011 statewide (*)

(*) Sebrae is a national agency for fostering small businesses

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